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PLATINUM LIVING CARE - Enabling independence for young adults and older people by providing Genuine, Autonomous, Meaningful and Outstanding care.


•    We work flexibly and tailoring our support to the individual needs of each client.  To help young adult with complex needs to achieve real change requires staff to have the time and the flexibility to respond to everyone’s unique needs and preferences
•    Recognising the value and potential of the people we work with.  We take a strengths-based approach, building on what people can do and have the potential to do, rather than focussing on weaknesses and limitations.
•    Being client-led, supporting young adult to set realistic goals, allowing them to make their own informed decisions, and working with them at their own pace for as long as it takes to affect change.
•    Providing holistic support and guidance, recognising and allowing for the fact that people lead chaotic lives with competing demands. This requires partnership working with other agencies who can address specific needs, to ensure clients receive appropriate support from those with specific areas of expertise.
•    Being non-judgemental, caring, open and supportive in our approach, treating people as individuals rather than statistics.



To enable independence for young adults and older people by providing Genuine Autonomous Meaningful and Outstanding care.


We aim to provide a helping hand to empower individuals to better quality of life by tailoring our service to achieve high standards of care.  At Platinum Living Care we are at the forefront of your needs.


Providing a home with care extraordinaire consciously creating a safe place to the community with an intent of improving life.

Platinum Living Care prides on facilitating good quality of life by empowering all to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Our focal point is to provide genuine autonomous care by ensuring individual voices are heard and working together in partnership by supporting them to take control of their own affairs.

We provide outstanding services which ensure that you are in a safe and responsive environment. With a well led team of highly trained practitioners.

All concerns are dealt with professionally and effectively in a timely manner to ensure continuous responsive services.

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